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Wellness Medical Conference

Breaking Barriers: Redefining the Art of Aging
Organised by : Gayana Pharma

Date: 22nd – 24th of July 2016
Venue: Le Meridien Kota Kinabalu, Sabah

Target population: 100 qualified doctors, with a special interest in healthy aging

Gray’s Anatomy, Guyton and Hall’s Medical Physiology, Talley O’Connor, Snell, Frank Shann, Shirley Ooi, are just a few experts we look to for expert reference in our journey as medical health care professionals. Then we move onto JAMA, Pubmed, Circulation, American Heart Association, and other governing bodies for guidance in our lifelong quest for knowledge and professional development.

Wellness and anti-aging practices are frequently shrouded by bad press, shady practices, and persecution by our colleagues, adding to our challenge of reaching out to our patients. We secretly look to Dr Gordon, Dr Axe, Dr Mercola and Life Extension for guidance, dosage, protocols, and sometimes even evidence, as we grapple in the dark. And what makes it even more difficult, is the evolution of research published, what is a saviour today, might be an enemy tomorrow.

We, anti-aging doctors, are a feisty, revolutionary, bunch. We have big dreams of effecting a change in the way medicine is approached. But what is clear today, more than ever, is that we know we need to do it right, to guard our practices, our patients, our identity and the institution that we stand for.

Gayana Pharma was set up with this ideology in mind, to support our practices with evidence-based protocols, formulations and therapeutics, that evolve in line, in pace with the world of anti-aging. We aspire to put together great minds and their contributions to our anti-aging industry and field of medicine, so as to enable better, smarter, more informed practitioners.

There are many experts out there, who spear-head research into modes of therapeutics, as well as experts who have built their repertoire of patients, and when put together on one stage, the learning experience would be out of this world!

We have also hand-picked a few favourite exhibitors to showcase quality investigative and therapeutic modalities that capably support our practice. We invite you to share in our journey and quest for knowledge and are confident you’ll walk away from our conference with an enlightened mind, a light heart and conscience, and armed with protocols you can put to practise the following day, because we know that’s our own personal aim.

Looking forward to seeing you, and having you as a comrade in arms!

 Wellness Medical Conference


Don’t miss this chance! Gayana Pharma’s two day conference is a big opportunity for those in the medical field, interested in wellness and the breakthrough research of anti-aging. We aim to facilitate a healthy exchange of ideas and views on the vast sea of therapies, treatment regime and schools of thoughts that are available out there, and to allow doctors in these region to form informed opinions and to comfortably follow through in practices with confidence.


What to Expect?

  1. Renowned experts in their field of work and about 250 to 300 medical professionals of the same interests gathered in one place
  2. Interactive sessions, Panel Discussions, Workshops
  3. Pop-Up Tables Exhibition


Who Should Attend?

Medical professionals interested in preventative and integrative medicine.


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*Note: We are also selling Pop-Up Tables should you want to exhibit your products/equipment. Please contact us for more details as space is limited.


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